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Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services
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Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services Facility Management Services

VEUS offers the best in class services across all industries and multiple sites with a robust and systematic service delivery model, designed to complement the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. Integrating key functions like processes and technologies with people to ensure flexibility for future integration and supported by the latest CAFM ( computer aided facilities management ) systems and platforms and Integrated packages in SAP for all backend business processes - VEUS has partnered with clients to deliver and maintain consistently high service levels, operational efficiency and continuous improvement. Reduced down time, maximizing revenues with lower operating costs, eliminating duplications are some of our key result areas ( KRA's ).


  • Facility Management ServicesOperation and Maintenance
  • Facility Management ServicesHousekeeping and Janitorial
  • Facility Management ServicesGarden and Lawn Maintenance
  • Facility Management ServicesSecurity and Guarding
  • Facility Management ServicesBusiness Support Service
  • Facility Management ServicesStaffing
  • Facility Management ServicesBuilding Fabric and Asset Maintenance
  • Facility Management ServicesPlant Maintenance
  • Facility Management ServicesSecurity Services
  • Facility Management ServicesMailroom Management
  • Facility Management ServicesSpecialized Services
  • Facility Management ServicesSupply of personal hygiene and consumables
  • Facility Management ServicesSupply of equipment’s
  • Facility Management ServicesSpace Management
  • Facility Management ServicesCompliance Management
  • Facility Management ServicesStaffing and Payroll
  • Facility Management ServicesAdmin Outsourcing
  • Facility Management ServicesMinor Civil Works and fit outs
  • Facility Management ServicesRepair and Maintenance
  • Facility Management ServicesMoves , Adds and Changes
  • Facility Management ServicesVendor Management ( including 3rd party vendor management,
              reimbursable services )

These services are offered as bundled services (two or more services) or fully integrated and tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Veus is one of the professionally managed Facility Management Services providers in Chennai involve in customizing the services combined with world class technology. With the support of knowledgeable team and upgraded tools, VEUS offers reputed facility management services to clients at customized rates. We are catered to types of industries in offering housekeeping services perfectly. Our team has serviced many clients till the present.

With the years of experience, our skilled staff is able to offer the janitorial services to

  • Facility Management ServicesHospitals
  • Facility Management ServicesI.T companies
  • Facility Management ServicesSchools
  • Facility Management ServicesColleges
  • Facility Management ServicesGovt. offices and
  • Facility Management ServicesOther commercial spaces

Our skilled team is able to execute the daily works that’s win the hearts of our clients. Some of our daily works are

  • Facility Management ServicesWindow cleaning with specialized detergent
  • Facility Management ServicesFloor cleaning with effective cleaning agent
  • Facility Management ServicesCarpet cleaning with updated method
  • Facility Management ServicesWaste disposal

We provide cleaning services frequently on daily premises in the clients building premises. We know that cleanliness in the work places is so important. We service to clients on the policy of “offering first class housekeeping services lends with uncompromising quality”. Our team measures the services as per the clients. We believe that cleanliness of the work spaces induce to work properly. We mind our clients work spaces. Let our clients mind the official duties properly.

VEUS is specialized in providing Business Support Service, payroll services, Garden Maintenance services, Vendor management services and etcetera at cost effective charges. We are the leader in providing the facility management services to clients. We upgrade ourselves continuously to meet the demands of our clients.

We have to say you that our team is well recognized for offering personalized services to residential and corporate customers. Call our phone number to know more info about our tailored services.